• Solving The Big Puzzle

    By creating a network of change agents

  • Our Mission

    Integrating various strengths within South Asia

    to solve problems we focus on and

    impact children at the base-of-the-pyramid

  • We work with


  • Affiliations

  • Theory of Change

    Build a common platform to create collective impact by bringing together like-minded community-based grassroots organizations and national and international ecosystem enablers to bind them with a common agenda and create collective engagement on focused social issues.​

  • Grassroots Pilots

    Saving 9

    Usama Javed Mirza

    Columbia University | LUMS | MFR/EMT

    Fulbright Scholar | Global Shaper

    Nirvanavan Foundation

    Nirvana Bhodhisattva

    Advaita Garden Children's Village | Childline-Alwar

    Bodhivriksha Schools


    Adwait Dandwate

    GAP Changemaker | Wipro Seeding Program | Pune University

    TFIx, SKN & Janarth Fellowships

    Youth Dreamers Foundation

    Saurabh Mehrotra

    University of Lucknow | STIR Education | Asian Paints

    Piramal & Gandhi Fellowships

    Project Potential

    Zubin Sharma

    Penn Social Impact House | University of Pennsylvania

    N/Core & Acumen Fellowships

    Kshamtalaya Foundation

    Vivek Kumar

    GAP Changemaker | Wipro Seeding Program | TISS

    Gandhi & IDEX Fellowships | Building Tomorrow

  • Advisors

    Fezan Sayed

    Head of Strategy & Sales - Heraeus Group

    Apporav Trehan

    Machine Learning | Design | Senior Program Manager - Microsoft

    Vivek Atray

    Ex-Director, Education - Government of Haryana | Ex-KPMG | Ex-PWC

    Mark Eckhardt

    Zen Priest | Former Pro Drummer & Composer | CEO - COMMON

  • Cofounders

    Swati Dua


    STEM Ed. | Columbia University | Public Health | NSTA

    AAUW Fellow


    Bhrigu Pankaj Prashar


    Cause-based Marketing & Alliances | Syracuse University

    GAP Changemaker